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"The multi-layered role of Dalila was successfully achieved by mezzo-soprano Irena Parlov because she showed high concentration in a number of different character transformations and interpreted them according to the style of 19th century French opera. The lack of the stage direction required endurance in long arias and duets, especially in the second act which was the most vocally demanding and here Parlov has shown that she can respond professionally to all the challenges of this role in concert version of this opera"

Sunčana Bašić


“Sul lato musicale abbiamo due vincitori assoluti.
La prima, Irena Parlov, cessela una Carmen che non può che risultare affascinante e simpatica; É padrona della scena e ha molto lavorato su gestualità e posture che risultano naturali ma curate; la voce ha un grande volume e un bel timbro da mezzosoprano che si schiarisce molto negli acuti generosi”

C. Canulli Opera Critics

“Irena Parlov (mezzo-soprano) interprets the carefree and young Varvara. Her voice, equally powerful and well vibrated, with piercing high notes and a warm tone, is perfectly suited to the role of a tempting young woman, who will offer Katia the key to the garden where amorous couples meet at night. She also forms beautiful duets with her lover Kudrjaš..."

Véronique Boudier, Olyrix


"Her somewhat agreed game is opposed to the one, in excess, of her sister at the stage, Irena Parlov, whose strong and convincing mezzo is powerful. The role fits her perfectly vocally"

Tanya Bracq
Le magazine du monde lyrique 2018


"Special surprise of the evening was mezzosoprano Irena Parlov, who triumphed last night in the role of gipsy Azucena..."

HRT RADIO 3 2018


"Mezzosoprano Irena Parlov showed the extraordinary voice power. The excellent phrasing of the melody that created tension in the psychological doubts of her role "




“Calorosi gli applausi per Zulian (Pinkerton) e, forse altrettanto, per la brava Irena Parlov, Suzuki elegante in scena e precisa musicalmente, di pasta vocale scura e sonora…”

OperaClick 2017

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